About Us

We are a credit-oriented investment manager, specialized in alternative and nonbanking products. Our business approach is to have direct involvement in the origination, underwriting and risk management of all our products, controlling and monitoring performance at the client level.


We invest directly in primary credit markets, offering asymmetric return profiles across different geographies (LatAm and the US). Our ability to invest in all the spectrum of the capital structure, allows us to develop creative financing solutions for our clients.


We promote transparency on alternative credit markets using technology, analytics, operational efficiency and a well-defined corporate governance.

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Loans that are deductible from the payroll or pension monthly payments. Deduction is mandatory and cannot be overruled once the loan is settled. We offer payroll loans only for government officials and pensioners. (loan terms between 1 and 5 years).

Government suppliers financing

Short term working capital financing for companies providing goods and services to government entities. All payments are collected through the Colombian Mercantil Exchange. Each loan is structured to adjust to the client´s needs and payment Schedules.


Agency focused on managing insurance related with government procurement. We also manage life insurance for individuals.



  • Calle 73 No. 7 – 31, Office 404 A
  • Bogotá, 110221

United States

  • 282 Grand Avenue, Suite 5
  • Englewood, NJ, 07631
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